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Hello singles out there!

I want to share 3 important words that have changed my life forever when it came to finding love. Those words are: WomanSad

Nobody is coming.


Listen, if you and I were sitting across from each other in a cafe, and we were being totally honest with each other, here’s what I would say to you (because I care enough about you to give you the straight truth with no sugar coating):

“Is it fair to say that you’ve been struggling with relationships for a while now? Sure sometimes it’s been easier than others, but in the end… here you are… still single and waiting for “the one” to show up.”

“You have to take responsibility for what’s in Your Love Imprint™ and change it so that it guides you toward success… automatically. If you don’t change Your Love Imprint™, I guarantee that your unconscious mind is going to keep making you feel attracted to guys that are wrong for you.”

“Nobody is coming to magically fix things. You have to do the same thing you did in your career and take action so you can be successful.”

Ouch… I know. But in our heart of hearts, you know it’s the truth, and I’m the one who cares enough to give it to you straight.



Once I finally stopped trying to figure out what was wrong with all the men out there and started looking at my own love imprint, I was shocked at what I found in there.
I finally realized that NOTHING I did was going to work until my love imprint was straightened out, and that’s when I took action.  

The result? I met my soulmate, got married, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been 🙂

And guess what? It was EASY! It was sooooooooo much easier once my love imprint was actually working to attract a healthy relationship instead of a toxic one.

What about you?

Love and Abundance,


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Will this be your year to find LOVE?

There is so much expectation when it comes to New Year’s celebrations. The pressure on single people is even stronger to make it a big night. As a single person, you want to leave the past year of heartbreak and romantic misfortunes behind, and see all the possibilities of having a successful new year finding love thinking, “this is going to be MY year.”

Secretly, though, they dread the thought of standing alone at the stroke of midnight yet again.

When I first became single again after over 20 years of being married, I had great stress and anxiety over finding something to do on New Year’s Eve so I wouldn’t have to spend it alone. What to do or with whom on New Years Eve was not a problem when I was younger and married, and raising small children.

First New Years Eve party as a single person was awkward. As the clock got closer to midnight and we all grabbed our champagne toast, I thought about  scooping out the room and engaging conversation with someone cute with five seconds left just in time to create that magical moment at twelve. But with way too much expectations which lead to disappointments at 12:01 am, I was ready to go home as if I made it through to the finish line. Another new year’s party, next year I will find him.

Looking back now I know that my efforts weren’t about kissing someone at midnight, but about the deep desire to belong and be a part of the couple world again. My mind would trick me to believe that if I kissed someone at midnight that I would somehow be normal and not a big loser without a date or a partner. I exaggerated what New Year’s meant and how others perceived me if I was alone.

The holidays bring a lot of pressure to the single person. Finding a date for the office party, and just concern about being alone for the holidays can be emotional. The kiss at midnight on New Years, becomes a symbol of somehow being back on top, in control of your life and lovable. I was using those random nameless guys to build myself up and the moment never really matched my romantic expectations.

What lies do you tell yourself about this time of year that brings you anxiety? All of the suffering you experience comes from within your mind. Sure, it is natural for us to want to be connected with others and be loved, but the mind can exaggerate the situation and make up images of a dreaded future of you being old and alone forever.

Instead of seeking someone random to kiss to cover up the pain, you can face the demons of your mind head on and stop believing the lies. First, start by being grateful for what you already have in your life (instead of what you don’t have yet). Then, realize that the book of your romantic life isn’t ending if you don’t have a date this New Year’s Eve but that it is just another passing chapter.

The next chapter of your life can be written as you desire. To avoid a repeat year of heartache, start to focus forward instead of looking back and refrain from seeing your situation as unchanging. You are always changing and growing anyway, so don’t resist and allow new love to flow in to your experience.  The only thing that holds you back is your own mind telling you that things aren’t going to get better. What you believe becomes your reality, so what do you want to believe?

It was my strong desire to find true love that led me on my own personal journey and ultimately the work I do today. You may not be able to predict when your true love will arrive, but you do have a choice as to how you feel in the meantime. You can listen to the cranky doubter who says “its so hard being single and dating, everyone is crazy” or you can listen to the cheerleader that tells you that true love is on the way. The doubter will give you what you have always got and settle for a random New Year’s kiss, but the cheerleader will open doors to your romantic dreams fulfilled.


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A new single client called me and explaned she was newly singles and would like to find alternative ways to meet singles rather then the bar scene.  We briefly went over 7 in Heaven’s Current Calendar of Events and when she realized this particular weekend, was not either too far from her home, or not in her age group…

She went on to say….

I know it may not be in your best interest to suggest other things to do, as I know you run this great singles organization with a ton of things to do, but could you possibility suggest of any other ways to meet singles?

I said  “SURE!

There are many ways to meet new single friends not just at single events or online dating! And no…I am not afraid or concerned about you knowing where or what else to do beside my singles events!”

Yes…we do have a jammed packed calendar of events, but sometimes it still won’t fit every single persons agenda or location for every weekend.

I have always told my clients never to put all your eggs in one basket.

Try everything!

Single events, online dating, let your friends try to setting you up on blind dates, join clubs, talk to strangers in the store (I know your momma told your otherwise, but trust me, its ok now and will open new doors! )

So where can you find these clubs to join?

Well a really good place to start online is http://www/MEETUP.com

There you will find just about everything that interests you! Like to learn how to fly a stunt kite? There is a club for you! How about hiking? Or Bike riding? Dance Lessons? There are hundreds of “meetup” groups to join and to check out. Now … not everyone in many of the groups will be single, BUT don’t let that stop you from going alone! Many couples are very happy to suggest their single neighbor to introduce you to, or maybe it will just be a fun day out for you not alone. With no pressure of having expectations of meeting someone!

Another great way to get out there and make some great new friends is doing Volunteer or attending Charity events!

There are countless charities around that would love for you to offer your time. Volunteer at the local animal shelter or nursing home for a warm fuzzy feeling that you can share together.

During the Holiday season everyone thinks of doing charity work, but what about now? People need help all year round and for those singles that are dealing with a recent death or breakup / separation the transition of making these life changing experiences can be challenging.
Best simple suggestion to help you feel a little better during this adjustment period is Volunteer / Donate to help those less fortunate.

Check out: Island Harvest or Singles for Charities

There you will find a good start to find places and activities to volunteer while making some new friends that will stimulate and amuse you. And if you think about it, those that are caring and willing to give without expecting in return are exactly the kind of people you would like to date! Not everyone you meet will be single but so what?  It’s all about “networking” that may open new doors, leading you to new single people!

And speaking of networking…

Networking itself is another great way to meet people.

What is networking?

It’s a free social event to bring small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people or non-profit organizations together to help each other.

(Some organizations do have membership fees)

Maybe you have a hobby or talent you would like to promote? Promoting that talent or hobby works at networking too!

I belong to 2 groups in particular that I found to be welcoming and friendly making it easy to be comfortable with everyone.

Long Island Entrepreneurs run by Yvonne

516 / 631 Ads and Networking run by David

Doing many different things to expand your world while seeking a new partner will make any search shorter because time flies while you are having a good time.

All the best on your quest!


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