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This one is for all the ladies out there, that think there are no good guys left. There are plenty of them ladies! Here’s some food for thought on how you might be turning away opportunities by not being open minded.

Dear Gail:

I attended one of your SPEED DATING events and received a date match from that event.

The next day I sent the following email to the date match:

Hi Henrietta,

You and I had a  ‘speed-date’ with 7-in-heaven and since I am not that experienced at this speed dating thing, and have trouble sorting and keeping notes during/after

the ‘date’,  I have just a composite image and details about you. So let’s get together to fill in the details of each of our lives. Maybe we can be friends or…more?

I’ll call you in the next couple of days to work out a convenient time to get together for coffee, tea or light meal and some interesting conversation.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation.



I called Henrietta a day after that email, she answered and said she is just about to have dinner, she’ll call back and then, it seemed to me, she abruptly hung up!  AND she did not call later.

OK, I thought, let’s try again, you never know what’s going on in another person’s life – I’m trying not to judge.

I called again the next day, left message on cell phone. To date no return call.

Gail, I know men and women communicate in different ways and sometime don’t communicate at all and/or there is much potential for miscommunication, please review the above and give me the benefit of your view on what’s taking place here.

These real life dramas are like a chapter out of your relationship BLOG!




Dear Jake,

I am a straight shooter! Tell it like it is and based on what you wrote I would like to make this suggestion.

You seem like a low-key, easy going guy JAKE, and would best mesh with someone LIKE you.
Henrietta is a very attractive woman and has a lot of choices as a very pretty woman.
If I had to guess... I would say she was not impressed – that you didn’t EXACTLY know who she was- she may feel she should have STOOD OUT from all the rest, how could you NOT know?

Now, someone more down to earth, practical, would appreciate your honesty and know that they TOO could easily forget some details after meeting a group of people.
This gal, instead of being honest with you, decided to do the age old “blow him off by being unavailable” routine.

You did everything right. It just wasn’t a match, or she is checking out other options available from the event.

No answer is an answer, whether it is from a man or a woman.
Women do tend to be less upfront, as we Venus people… don’t like to hurt feelings so we ladies somehow think no answer is kinder.
BUT MARTIANS prefer a straight up – no thanks answer.

Ah yes, the differences of men and women.

Let this one go, you need to be with someone that is more understanding like yourself.

Wishing you joy on your journey,

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It’s that time of year… and singles that are dealing with a recent death or breakup / separation the transition of making these life changing experiences can be especially challenging during the Holiday season.

No one wants to be alone. Best simple suggestion to help you feel a little better during this adjustment period  try volunteering your time or donating to help those less fortunate.

There are countless charities around that would need your help and would love for you to offer your time or donation.

Volunteer at the local animal shelter or nursing home will help remind you how fortunate you really are despite your current situation.

Check it out and find charitable activities that will stimulate and amuses you.

Visit  Long Island Volunteer Center  pick an organization that you feel most passionate about! Get involved make new friends

Not everyone will be single, but it will make you feel good, and you may just make some new single friends!

7 in Heaven’s Charity picks for this month:

CLEANING ANGELS   by Theresa Family Cleaning  

*Cleans houses for free for those undergoing cancer treatments $65 cleans one house but any amount donation is appreciated

Needs donations in any amount


HOPE for Youth  (Foster Care assistance)

* Helps Foster children and their families with housing, guidance and support. Goal is to keep them on the right path!

Needs  donations and or – organizations/ businesses that can donate services such as – accounting, youth athletic programs (karate, dance etc..) Printer business for flyers, Taxi services anything that might help! call and ask…..

OR – new toys for older teens- EXAMPLES- Gift Cards for Movies, Mall shopping, Best Buys, Itunes…used or new WEE Games or other electronic games.


Homeless VETERANS of Northport

*Donations of toiletries such as toothpaste, flip/flops for showers, soap, shampoo are being collected at Events this month for 7 in Heaven. Receive a $5 off coupon at the event for your donation.

* Visit the web site above to see how you can volunteer your time with activities they have for the vets there,


Another suggestion is:
Long Island Food Not Bombs

Which is an amazing organization that helps share FREE food to Long Islanders in need.

You can donate food, or items you don’t want and it will go to those that need it!

This community organization shares free groceries, clothing, books, toys, etc… with anyone that can use it.

The people that come to LIFNB don’t just get some food, they share and give a good portion of what a person may need for a whole week.

That means on most days folks can leave with 3 or 4 large bags of fresh organic groceries, (breads, fruits, veggies, protein, juice etc.)

Long Island Food Not Bombs shares every week at these locations:
*Click on the town for more details
Every Sunday @ 2pm in Hempstead
Every Monday @ 5:30pm in Coram
Every Tuesday @ 6:30pm in Huntington
Every Thursday @ 7pm in Farmingville
Every Saturday @ 3pm in BedStuyAnd don’t forget….people need help all year round.

Our jammed packed calendar this month of DECEMBER with fun activities and new places to visit, means there is no reason to be alone this holiday season! come on out and make some new friends!

You can check the Calendar online for more details about this weeks events and other fun stuff on the calendar coming up.

Wishing you joy on your journey,


7 in-Heaven Singles Events
On your search for the one, we make being single fun!

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You may have heard me say once or twice… yes people do connect at my events.

However, I do not credit myself with being a matchmaker, I am simply an event planner creating the environment for singles to have fun while giving them opportunities to meet someone.

I consider the actual occurrence of bringing individuals together, the work of the universe.

One never knows exactly when the circumstances and people we hope for will enter our lives.

Many things play a part in the timing in finding our soul mate.  We must take the time to meet new people, and make connections yet stay positive even if the person was not  “the one” that evening we went out to explore.

Our attitude, and openness play a big part in the whole process, as well as how much time we spend and effort we allow ourselves to do the necessary social networking.

When it will happen for you? That is one of life’s mysteries.

But one thing is for sure… unless the pizza delivery girl or boy is your dreamboat, you won’t meet someone sitting at home!

Never give up, and always have faith.

Below is an untouched note from two singles that made a great connection at my speed dating event held on Long Island.




Dear Gail,

I know that Jack already e-mailed you a few weeks ago but I wanted to offer my thanks to you also for running such a great service.

I am truly believing I found the “mythical unicorn” in Jack.  I was beginning to think that wonderful men (the mythical unicorns) didn’t exist, at least for me. You hear about them, some claim to have seen them, but it’s still a myth to you and, frankly, a girl’s gotta see it with her own eyes.  I gave speed dating a shot figuring that if someone was going to schedule a time and plunk down a few dollars to meet someone, maybe they’d actually be looking for something real.  I was hopeful, yet guarded.  Along comes Jack, with everything I ever hoped for in a man.  Kindness, awesome humor, talent, brains, compassion, emotional availability, gentlemanly, considerate, passionate and responsible (and more!), all tied up in an impressive package (topped with an incredible smile) that is easy to get along with and brings real joy to my life.  My friends are astounded at how I found this “mythical unicorn” and are spreading the word about how good speed dating really can be.  🙂  If you didn’t bring this service to Long Island, I’d still be searching.  Thank you so much for putting this all together, you’ve changed our lives.



Here is JACK’s note sent a few months ago….

5/27/2010 – 8:46 AM

Dear Gail,

Peggy and I really hit it off, and I wanted to thank you.  I feel like a kid again.

I also wanted to tell you that I think Speed Dating is the best invention since sliced bread.  For people like me, who don’t do well just walking up to strangers in bars (or elsewhere), it is a way to meet more people in one night than I might otherwise meet in years. Peggy is a computer geek (like me), likes the same entertainment that I do, and we also share a similar sense of humor and outlook on life.

Thanks again,



Thank you Jack and Peggy for sharing with me so I can pass this along to those curious and shy but have not taken the steps yet…. that good things do happen when we dare to step outside the box!

All the best on your quest!


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Hi Gail,

Recently I went out of town and stayed with my girlfriend’s guy friends. I didn’t know at all any of these guys, I had only heard from my friend about how awesome her friends were, which convinced me to stay with them.

When I got there, the minute I saw the guys, in my mind all I could think of is “how cute they were”. Though I knew that both of them had girlfriends I wasn’t apprehensive about flirting with them at all. The first night of my stay went in drinking, building rapport and plain craziness.

I was constantly thinking which one of them should I choose; it’s not every day that a good-looking girl like me is surrounded by good-looking guys!

Anyway as the morning dawned I knew whom I’d like to have a clandestine affair with, hence started a wooing game with the guy. In the back of my mind, I knew he was not really caring about me, cause he had enough of girls to choose from (a Casanova type).

Soon the harmless flirting turned into a power game for me to try to win him over.  For some reason, I forgot why I went on this break… for an important reason, to try to heal my broken heart from a breakup.

I didn’t care that my friendship with my girlfriend was at stake.

I didn’t care that I would be more heart-broken in the end. I knew the truth was that although the man I was pursuing was a sweetheart as a friend, but he is a Casanova who didn’t care a bit about the girl he slept with. He did make it very clear that he would be with his girl till the end. Yet I wanted to be in bed with him, to be able to live my fantasy, and I did exactly that.

When I snapped out of my lust the result was as expected, I had lost my self-esteem, respect and friendship in more ways than one.  I was guilty of being swayed away by emotions, and indulging with a man whose girlfriend loved him dearly. I was so consumed by my own selfish needs that knowingly I let my lust be bigger than my heart.

This happen a few weeks ago and I’m still trying to find ways to deal with it…

Maybe you can give me some advice and insight on what to do at this point?




Dear FMS,

You know and have all the answers to your own dilemma already…

In fact you KNOW you created your own demise and sadness.

You wrote about blowing right past all the “stop signs”, “warnings”, and knew full well what the consequences would be if you blow past the stop signs.

Its like you even SAW the cop sitting there right on the corner- and said…

“Oh looks like I will get caught but what the hell, I don’t want to stop…”

My guess is Alcohol played a big part in this blowing all the stop signs night. It lowers your inhibitions and the silences that little voice called “conscience” that keeps us from being reckless and throw caution to the wind.

Need a “stop button” on that drinking activity especially when hanging around the opposite sex!

So what to do from here is the next plan…

I was once told GUILT is a useless emotion.

Remorse is about making amends.

Saying your sorry to your friend may or may not repair the damage- but doing nothing is worse.

Cut any forms of communications off with the guys that have girlfriends.

YOU deserve more – and make a pack with yourself, from here forward that this was your life lesson.

You respect yourself too much and are way to worthy, to be with anyone for a one-night stand. YOU deserve to be with a man that considers YOU his ONLY love, HIS girlfriend and is Loyal to you!

You can’t change what already happened.

But you can change how you will conduct yourself in the future.

Forgive yourself and LEARN the lesson and move on.

That’s all you can do.

No matter what anyone tells you…remember we have ALL made mistakes.

And some mistakes will mean that some will not forgive us for those mistakes.

But you must forgive yourself, and take the lesson with you and DON’T repeat the mistake! Have some responsible fun.

And speaking of making the same mistake over again…

A saying comes to mind:

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get, what you have gotten.

Peace out Girl Scout!

All the best on your quest!,


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