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Energy flows where attention goes

Are you giving your attention to what you want 

or to what you don’t want? 

Are you giving your attention to what you have 

or to what you don’t have? 

Are you focusing on abundance or lack? 

Energy flows where attention goes! 

SO many times I struggle to listen on the phone to the negative energy and beliefs of the singles out there that feel there is no one. YET they sign up for an event, say I will try, only to give up after only one event attended! Boy am I glad Thomas Edison or the Wright Brothers didn’t think this way!  We all have the power to change our love lives no matter if you are STUCK  in a bad relationship or OUT and can’t find one. It all starts with Gratitude. If we can pay attention to what IS WORKING  in our lives, pay attention to those that DO LOVE US ,  we will suddenly start to see the way out.

I once read in a book by Deepak Chopra – “I bought a Volkswagen, and before I bought a Volkswagen, I hardly ever saw one on the road. Now that I own one, it has become what I pay attention to.  EVERYWHERE I see Volkswagons! Where before I never noticed them”

Are you giving your attention to what you want 

or to what you don’t want?

Every here someone say I am a Man Jerk Magnet! They seem to be attracted to me! Or for guys… I seem to attract all the crazy women out there.

Ask yourself …. am I paying too much attention to what I DON’T want?

Another one that drives me crazy… There are no good men out there… where are all the men? or from the guys… Are there any NORMAL  women out there? I can’t find a good women

Are you focusing on abundance or lack?

My answer to that is HECK YES there are 1000’s of Great Guys and Gal especially living on Long Island are you kidding me? We are a short distance from NYC with millions and there are millions living right here on Long Island!  Trust me, there is no lack of singles  bt if this is what you have decided to focus on I guess your right. No one out there in the vast millions of singles

So start small with your changes- but do make the adjustments and start with BELIEVING it is possible.

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Everyone has to learn to simply just stop being so disappointed…

That’s what one single gentleman recently had to say when he heard the buzz around the room from a few overeager singles. Their expectations for the evening were way beyond reality.

YES, having desires hopes and dreams is what keeps us alive, moving and aspiring. But when you don’t keep a balance and expect too much in too little amount of time, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

I often give the example that if you were to walk into Vegas for the first time, do you really think you can walk over to the first slot machine, throw in a few dollars and win BIG on the first spin?

Yes… it could happen just that way- you could win big on the first try. We all have heard stories about this. But we all know that certainly is not the average, every day occurrence.

Same goes for our search for the one.

It will happen for you, when, where and how is not in our control. What we can do is adjust the odds a bit. The more creative ways we seek to put ourselves out there, and the amount of time we are willing devote and participate meeting other single people, will greatly increase your odds of making your search a short one.

Creative and fun activities with the right mindset are a great way to pass the time, while waiting to meeting someone. Go to an event with the intention of having a good time, with a possible bonus of meeting someone. Step outside of your comfort zone and venture into some new locations. We have many new locations and types of events coming up, include SPEED DATING, Halloween party, Board Game night, Bike riding and many other ways to interact and make new single friends.

Check out our Calendar of events.

However, no one should ever expect instant results out of any singles event.

Having a variety of different ways to meet someone will help with burnout, which is what develops when we spend too much time at trying to meet someone.

That’s when you need to take a short vacation from finding the one, but don’t give up!

There is something to the old saying  “you will find it when you least expect it”

Set your intention to find someone, but don’t hold on too tightly to it.

Constantly expecting and concentrating too hard on will make you burn out, and start to feel like you’re just beating your head against a brick wall.

How to tell is you have reached the burnout point?

If you find you can’t remember the last time you went on a really good date, it’s a sign that you are getting burned out on the whole experience, or worse, that all your dates really have been bad. Either way, you probably ought to stop dating for a while to get yourself together and figure out what the problem is.

Here’s another sign you need to try something different: when all your conversations start to sound the same. It happens to everyone that dates regularly. This is because dating is a test, people judge one another, and so they find it necessary to play it safe by saying the same things or repeating the same types of dates over and over. But playing it safe doesn’t provide much stimulation.


Also if you have the belief system that you will never find what you’re looking for, then its time to take a step back. If the point of dating is to meet someone that you hope will be the one, that you can love and will love you, and then if you stop believing this will happen, then all of your future dates become pointless. Taking a new direction, and a new approach and hopefully help you gain some new perspective and possibly a more hopeful outlook.

If this is where you are today, don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t found the love relationship you so ardently desire. Even the best boxer in the world sometimes has to go down for the count before he can get back up and start fighting again.

Stop making decisions about whether to go to any particular event based on how many single men or women might be there. Accept your state of singleness and enjoy all the good things about it. Use this time to improve yourself, pamper yourself.

Be secure in the knowledge that you – yourself are enough and don’t need anyone else to be happy. Then when you do attend a single event you will be more attractive and confident open  (less desperate and needy) and will probably meet a great partner in no time!

All the best on your quest!


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