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Hi Gail,

Just wanted to let you know that I had a nice time SPEED DATING.  It was a lot of fun!
I see below that “Kirk” also listed me for a second date and thanks for giving me his contact info.
After the dating was finished I went back into the bar with another woman from the event, we both spent time chatting it up with a gentlemen she knew and ran into there, and we both had a nice time.

“Kirk” was also at the bar but he was engaged in conversation with other people from the event, and I felt awkward approaching him.
He hasn’t contacted me and I’m wondering if it’s because I didn’t approach him that evening?  What’s the protocol here?  Is it ok for the ladies to contact the men?
Gosh, you would think at my age  I would be able to figure this out! ha ha…!


Hi Gwyneth,

Humm… This can always be a tricky one.

Perhaps it would have been a good idea to leave “Kirk” with the impression you are interested.
But its a fine line- between flirting and being too overbearing.

Sometimes you can break into the conversation if he is with another woman, and sometimes its not possible.
What you might sometimes have to do… is  place yourself very close to the conversation, by perhaps sitting at a bar stool nearby, and look thier way.
If “Kirk” glances at you- during the conversation, you could turn your body toward the conversation
(body language is important)
And then, if the opportunity presents its self= you could find a way to join in on the conversation.

But other times its not possible to do that.

So…. if the other alternative is send an email to “Kirk” from the contact information I gave you from the Speed Dating event

say something like:
it was nice to meet youlooking forward to spending some time getting to know you better!

But only send ONE email! No response is an answer!

Now onto WHY he hasn’t called?

Well there are a ton of possible reasons such as:
A. *He is shy, new at the singles scene and needs some encouragement to make the first move
B. * Not ready to date yet, did he recently get separated ?
C. * Although he found you interesting, someone else piqued his interest more

So – in case he is SHY – send the gentle reminder email.
But don’t do more then that, as if he doesn’t make a move after that email, then perhaps the answer could be B or C !
And that’s OK – its only one person and one persons preferences.
Many others will find you attractive, and interesting! Don’t waste time on it all…

Just say “NEXT” and move along.

Hope that helps!



All the best on your quest,

Gail Adams– Event Coordinator

7in-Heaven Singles Events
On your search for the one, we make being single fun!

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